Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Stumbling in the Dark

Remember last Wednesday? Well, the Matron does! That was Scarlett's 10th birthday and the Miracle Worker auditions. The birthday party, which started at noon and was supposed to end at 4:00, turned into a two-day Birthday Festival at about 3:49 when five little girls wrapped their sweet selves around the Matron and BEGGED for one last sip of summer spontaneity--the spur of the moment sleepover!

The Matron, whose house looked exactly like a house in the midst of a two day Birthday Festivial and whose job had been sort of sitting on a shelf, unattended, did the entirely reasonable thing and said, yes.

Matron: "But are you sure? You have an 8:00 audition."

Scarlett: "I'm SURE!"

Of course, when the time rolled around for the 8 pm audition, Scarlett decided she was too busy and that she really didn't care about that play, anyway. An audition might DETRACT from the fluidity of the Birthday Festival, which could include a fire with marshmallow roasting, if only there were no pesky auditon. There was moaning and wailing.

Whatever, said the Matron, who has learned her lesson. She is staying out of it.

Matron: "You don't have to go. I'll call Famous Local Actress X and tell her you're not coming. It's okay, really."

Scarlett (who loves Famous Local Actress X dearly): "Fine. I'll do it."

So the pack of girls hopped in the van, singing inappropriate songs about sex (thanks, Rent) at the top of their lungs. Scarlett was in hour 9 of a sun-drenched, outdoor, swimming, singing, dancing, playing very long day. She sighed and moaned and groused the whole way there.

But once the van pulled up to the theater, she said: "Hurry up! I don't want to be late!"

When they got inside and those other little girls giggled and talked and swirled around with a shared iPod? Scarlett sat by the door and listened. Because inside the closed auditorium, her dear friend Emma was auditioning--a potential Helen that Scarlett had invited and trained. The Matron and Emma's mom smiled with pride as noise burst from that auditorium! Emma grunted and groaned and screamed as if she were in the original film! There was the sound of chair, crashing!

Emma's mom greeted Scarlett and asked if she was nervous.

Scarlett (darkly): "No. I don't really care if I audition."

When Emma came out, Actress X said this to Emma's Mom: "Now, you said there's a conflict in February. Is that negotiable?" Emma appeared in the running. And the Matron had a little internal laugh at how she and Scarlett bring in competition while Scarlett and Emma hugged and chattered.

So Scarlett went in and the Matron got to hear more grunts, crashes and groans. At one point, the Matron got confused: was this The Exorcist or The Miracle Worker?

When it was all over, the children hopped back in the van and Scarlett said: "Can we go home and watch The Miracle Worker again? I hope I get the role!"

Matron: "I thought you didn't want to do it?

Scarlett: "I didn't know it would be so fun! That audition was FUN! That was the most FUN I've had in my life!"

Good thing she enjoyed herself, because the cell phone rang before they were out of the van. Scarlett? She nailed it! She was hands-down, no discussion, Helen Keller.

FUN to be had by all for the next six months as the Matron has an official third full-time job, driving her daughter.

So Sound of Music in November:

Rent in December:

The Miracle Worker opens January 10:

But Scarlett screamed with JOY when she got the best birthday present ever, Actress X on the cell, asking her if Scarlett if she wanted the role. That child huggied her friends and they all screamed and cheered! They were Michael Phelps.

And the next night when the Matron finally had her daughter alone and was tucking her in, Scarlett said this:

"Mama? I didn't know it was possible for a person to be this happy! It's such a good feeling!"

Matron: "Is it because of The Miracle Worker?"

Scarlett: "Not really. It's Rent, The Sound of Music AND The Miracle Worker all wrapped up together. Now I'm in shows for six months straight and I don't have to worry."

Matron: "You worry?"

Scarlett: "Uh-huh. If I don't have a show, I worry about getting one. I always have to have a show. It's really all I think about, you know."

And sometimes people ask the Matron why she signs her kid up for so much and how she can spare the time to drive her all over, as if she were the one actually steering or had any real choice. She's not going to say no to her child's dreams.

Break a leg, Marta, Maureen, Helen!


Manager Mom said...

Aw... that is really cool, to see your kid have such a passion.

I wish you a speedy drop in gas prices to support her dreams.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

It sounds like Scarlett and the Matron both approach the whole thing with just the right attititude.

Anonymous said...

Such range. Such commitment. Such a sweet picture of mother-daughter bliss:)

Lynda said...

What an amazing girl! I'd drive her all over the place, too!

Mrs. G. said...

All amazing shows-how exciting. Congrats Scarlett.

Minnesota Matron said...

Uh, Green Girl sorta nailed it. She is the drama queen, performing right here at home at all times!

Suburban Correspondent said...

So cool - any chance of your ever posting a video of her in one of these productions?

Anonymous said...

Go Scarlett, like mother, like daughter, who would ever doubt her success?

Now I'm thinking how funny it would be to belt out a RENT number in the midst of Sound of Music. Heehee.

smalltownme said...

You have an amazing daughter.

Anonymous said...

That is amazing passion for a girl of her age. I suspect the next step is flying to auditions.

Heather of the EO said...

I LOVE hearing about passions. Dreams. The things a person just IS. It's so great to hear about the place where it begins-childhood! Such a good mom you are! Not just the driving, but the fostering of the dreams.

Unknown said...

Frequent driving of children is exactly why God invented books on tape. Hope you both enjoy the entire journey:>) I love Broadway songs and dancing and expect updates!!

Heather said...

So, when are you moving that kid out west to be in the movies?

Anonymous said...

Break a leg Minnesota Matron. YOU are a wonderful mom.

Of course, Scarlett is a wonderful kid, too... ;-)

Becky said...

Wow! I need some of that Scarlett's drive. She is unstoppable!

JCK said...

That is amazing and fabulous that she has that drive and passion at this age. Congrats all around!

Tootsie Farklepants said...

I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am for Scarlett!! And to have such passion for something at her age. She's a gem that girl.

Unknown said...

Congrats Scarlet--I hope you never lose that passion!

Julie said...

That's just WONDERFUL! What a gift for Scarlett to have such a passion!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Can I have Scarlett's autograph? Now? Brava!

Jocelyn said...

I'm at the point where I don't have anything fresh to comment about your Scarlett.

Quite simply, she needs to come live with me.